Enrolment in the first year of studies of the Business Economics Academynt in the first year of studies of the Business Economics Academy  


Why choose our Academy


  • By enrilling in the Business Economics Academy, you will make considerable savings in the family budget, as our studies are less expensive than the fees charged by similar faculties.
  • In addition to theoretical knowledge, our students gain very important practical skills and owing to the specific design of our curriculum, our graduate students already have relevant work experience.
  • In the third semester, the Academy offers an opportunity for each student to have a real business registered by the Academy, which enables our students to gain practical skills and experience working in their own company. Furthemore, students are helped by their professors and mentors in the managing of the newly started companies. Around 90% of national income in European Union comes from small and medium enterprises, and there are 40 such companies per 1,000 citizens.



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