Enrolment in the first year of studies of the Business Economics Academynt in the first year of studies of the Business Economics Academy  


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Čačak is located in the central part of Serbia, nestling among the mountains of Jelica, Ovčar, Kablar and Vujan, in a picturesque valley of the Zapadna Morava river. This city is beyond any doubt a major educational centre in the country, with a history of education running back for centuries.

Given its rich historic heritage in the area of culture and education, it came as no surprise when the city opened its first faculties in the second half of 20th century. One of the latest additions to the panorama of the higher education institutions in Čačak was founded in March 2009.



The Business Economics Academy offers carefully selected educational programmes and courses, implemented by its exceptionally competent and expert academic staff.  This is the main reason why more and more prospective students opt for the Business Economics Academy.

The study programmes at the Business Economics Academy have been designed and developed relying on the current world trends in economics. The first and second-level programmes offered by the Academy include:


  • Small and Medium Enterprises Operation

  • Finance and Banking


Developed in accordance with the model of the best world’s and European universities, the study programmes of the Business Economics Academy are renowned for their modern concept of lectures, transfer of useable knowledge and highly professional professoritla staff.

Research has shown that in highly developed market economies, the rate of growth in the number of employees working in financial, accounting and banking services, as well as thos working in tourism and information technology sectors, are on the record levels all aroudnt he world. This trend was one of the determining factors in defining the concept of the Business Economics Academy and its commitment to educating staff that can successfully work within finance and banking sectors, as well as those oriented towards small and medium enterprises. 

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